ProSweets 2019

CHOCOTECH GmbH is a leading manufacturer of process equipment for the confectionery industry and OTC candies, which contain active ingredients.
The cooking systems are designed for: Jelly, Fondant, Caramel, Fudge, Hard Candy, Chewy Candy, Fruit Snacks, Krokant, Barline Kitchens and Aeration Systems.
Chocolate processing includes equipment for chocolate shells, with and without deposited fillings and Lentil Forming.

On display

Energy Saving

The ECOGRAV® is a flexible gravimetric weighing unit with a buffer tank and an integrated continuous pressure dissolver which uses the moisture of the glucose (corn syrup)
to dissolve the crystal sugar (or sugar free ingredient i.e. Isomalt) without having to add any or little water. The result is substantial energy savings.
The ECOGRAV® is ideal for hard candies, chewy candies, fondants, cooked sugar solutions for bars and allows a dry solids level of up 90% to be achieved prior to cooking.
This approach substantially reduces the energy required compared to traditional processes which start the cooking step at 75 – 80% dry solids, resulting in steam savings from 30 to 70%.
Other advantages of the ECOGRAV® system stems from the flexibility of a gravimetrical weighing system, which enables easy recipe and ingredient changes and last but not least
the savings of potable water in the recipe.

Lab Equipment

The PRINCESS SUCROMASTER®, is a hygienically designed cooking and vacuum system for sugar or sugar free hard candy. The standard system is designed with a static cooker
type SUCROTWIST®. The system on display also includes a dynamic thin film cooker type SUCROFILM®, which is ideal for hard candies,
which contain milk in the recipe. The system comes with a vacuum extraction screw and a specially designed dynamic mixer for adding colour, flavor and acid into the cooked mass.
The system is also designed for; laminated, center filled, caramelized, sugar free, aerated, layered (multi-colour) and medicated hard candy.
CHOCOTECH also supports the IQ, OQ & PQ documentation for OTC products.

The PRINCESS® CANDY batch lab cooker, ideal for recipe development and all types of lab work.
The unit also comes with an optional whipping bowl attachment for aerating Frappes, Marshmallow and Nougats.

Come and visit us at Hall 10.1, Booth B030 / C039!

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