IBA 2018

CHOCOTECH, a member of the Sollich KG group of companies, will display a variety of equipment and information on the complete range of candy and chocolate processing systems.
The scope of supply includes a number of patented processes and focuses on hygienically designed equipment with energy saving features and quick start-up and stop modes
to ensure less product loss. This comprises complete cooking systems for jelly, fondant, caramel, fudge, hard candy, chewy candy, fruit snacks,brittle, barline kitchens and aeration systems
as well as clean in place solutions. On the chocolate processing side they offer the FROZENSHELL® line with PRALIMAT® Depositing, CHOCOFORM® PSL lentil forming and enrobing.

Equipment on display

SUCROTWIST® - continuous cooker

The SUCROTWIST® for the continuous cooking of nearly all sugar and sugar free masses without containing proteins.
The compact design with a large heat exchange surface allows short cooking times with a perfect product quality.
The beneficial guidance of the mass through the machine results in a homogenous product flow without dead spots.
A newly designed version of the SUCROTWIST® is used within a pressure dissolver system for starch type jellies.


The JELLYMASTER® is perfect for the efficient production of many types of jelly and jam products.
One of the most important factors is consistent viscosity, especially for one shot products.
The SUCROTWIST® dissolver is designed for longer continuous production runs and can handle all gelling agents such as pectin, starch, agar agar,
gum arabic, carrageenan and gelatin.
Also showing is a JELLYMIX™, which is a gravimetric feeding and mixing system to deal with up to eight different colours and flavours.
The system can also handle aerated foam and other additions such as fruit juice.
It is also suited for the addition of active ingredients.
CHOCOTECH also supports the IQ, OQ & PQ documentation for pharmaceutical applications.


A TORNADO® aerator for the continuous aeration of sugar masses.
The tempered mixing head allows an intensive mixing of the mass with the aeration gas.
A pre-foaming head provides homogeneous blend resulting in a durable, fine pored foam.
Several inlets allow for color and flavor blending. 

Information on: 

CARALITE®, a unique system for caramel production, which utilizes the ECOGRAV® pressure dissolver
thus not requiring the SUCROFILM® dynamic cooker. This results in a lower capital investment requirement and a lower energy bill.


FROZENSHELL®a system for continuously depositing thin chocolate shells on a belt without using moulds.
PRALIMAT® a servodepositor for filling shells.
CHOCOFORM®PSL(drop line) for a quick roll-in roll-out product format change which is ideal for manufacturing chocolate centers such as lentils, balls and eggs unit for lentils, balls
and eggs with or without inclusions. The latest design includes a patented pre-cooling system of the chocolate mass, which increases throughput by over 50%.


The combination of the Sollich machinery together with the cooking equipment of company CHOCOTECH for the production of sugar, jelly or caramel masses
provides customers to get production responsibility from one supplier and thus also ensures an efficient and a quickest possible commissioning of the production lines.

Come and visit us at Hall A6, Booth A6.331!

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