The Fruitmaster is a unique thin film syrup cooker designed for capacities from 50  up to 2.500 kg/h

Fruitmaster Candy Caramel and Fruit Machine Chocotech

The Sucrofilm® is a thin film cooker designed for cooking masses which contain proteins or heat sensitive masses like real fruit pastes. The product residence time in the cooker is very short and the system is designed for athmospherical, pressure, vacuum or post vacuum cooking. The inner stainless steel rotor has a series of hygienc static scrapers around the circumference made of PEEK which have a very long life due to the very precise balance of the rotor. The cooker is designed with a direct drive and  variable speed motor in order to increase flexibility. The Sucrofilm® is suited for long continuous production runs with full CIP capablities.


Type Category Version Products Throughput
Sucrofilm® Candy 50
Protein-containing masses

Heat sensitive fruit masses

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