The Princess® Series are designed for lab work or /and recipe development and come in various executions:


Princess® Candy Machine Chocotech

Princess® Ecograv


Princess® Ecograv Machine Chocotech

Princess® Fruit


Princess® Fruit Machine Chocotech

Princess® Jelly


Princess® Jelly Machine Chocotech

Princess® Sucrofilm


Princess® Sucrofilm Machine Chocotech

Princess® Candy
The batch wise cooker “Princess® Candy is an universal type unit designed for most products. It is very flexibel and easy to use. The unit is designed to cook products under atmospherically pressure, under vacuum, under over pressure and also with an optional whipping basked to aerate.

Princess® Jelly
The continuous jelly pressure dissolver Princess® Jelly is suitable for all types of gelling agents. Throughput is up to 150 kg/h.

Princess® Sucromaster® / Sucrofilm®
Continuous Thin Film Cooker type Sucrofilm® combined with a flash off/vacuum vessel and discharge screw which is designed for hard candy or temperature sensitive masses.

Princess® Micron 
Continuous  tempering and beating screw for fondant masses.

Princess® Ecograv
Energy saving, gravimetric batch weighing system with integrated pressure dissolver. Ideal for sugar or sugar-free hard candy, chewy candy, fondant and cooked sugar solutions for bar lines. The Ecograv uses the moisture from the glucose (corn syrup) to dissolve the sugar without adding any process water or only little additional process water.


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