The Sucromaster® is designed for manufacturing hard candy and consists of: cooking, vacuumizing, screw extraction of mass, dynamic mixing, aerating and tempering.

Sucromaster® Candy Machine Chocotech

The Sucromaster® hard candy cooking system is for:

  • Sugar and Sugar Free Masses
  • Liquid Filled Hard Candy
  • Powder Filled Hard Candy
  • Milk Hard Candy
  • Aerated Hard Candy
  • Laminated Hard Candy
  • Medicated Hard Candy (with IQ, OQ, PQ support)


The high vacuum system guarantees low inversion and minimum flavour loss due to the low temperature level of the mass.
Throughput: 500 kg / h to 4000 kg/h with up to four different ropes, each with individual colour and flavour.


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