The Sucrotwist® is a universal high efficient cooker designed to deal with most non-protein type candy masses.

Sucrotwist® Candy Machine Chocotech

The Sucrotwist® is a universal hygienic cooker of compact design with excellent heat exchange properties. The unit can handle a wide number of masses on long continuous production runs.The product stream through the cooker follows a spiral against the resistance of the vertical steam heated piping. This results into a high turbulent flow with an excellent heat transfer.The cooker is full CIPable with no dead areas for build up.
Capacities from 50 - 6000 kg/h, depending on recipe


Type Category Products Throughput
Sucrotwist® Candy all sugar and sugar-free masses. Also part of Jellymaster as pressure dissolver 50 - 6000 Kg/h


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